After a 5 years absence (I blame kai, but when your first born comes along, things change, no?). Re - Launch Coming soon.

News, Events, Promotions, new local services, Local Business Support, People, Community & Humanity.

It's a revolution I suppose. We'll be bringing important news about the CITY, our PEOPLE, local BUSINESSES, useful SERVICES, highlighting the amazing work from our local CHARITIES & generally shining a spotlight on the GOOD.

With links to the university, our students from near & far will play a part, bringing ideas, creativity & hopefully some fun to the party too!

We want to be useful, supportive, make a difference, here to help (unless you're not a nice person, then you can...... go elsewhere), connect people, make good things happen & be positive.

***We're particularly excited about a project designed to help people who are running small businesses from home. The 'little guy' or girl if you will***

If you're looking for click bait designed to get people talking/angry/arguing? GO ELSEWHERE. We won't be spending too much time of the fact 'Dave' has been nicking tea towels from Primark to feed his habit, rather than his child. Perhaps it would be more beneficial if we helped break some habits rather than highlight them?

The world has changed over the years. So have we.

Thanks all. We're excited but literally can't do anything without you.

Be kind,

James x